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2017 September - Dream car series : 6 - Dodge 'Viper'

September 2017DODGE 'Viper'

DODGE "Viper"   Drawn on computer.

The Dodge Viper was created at the initiative of Bob Lutz, when the Chrysler Group needs image and a vehicle like the one that will become the Viper can wear the mark. To bring a historical bond and legitimize the Viper, the group will appeal to Carroll Shelby.
On July 1, 2010, the last Dodge Viper to be produced at the Conner Avenue plant (known as the Snake Pit), after 19 years of history. Dodge, which now totally belongs to the Fiat group has planned a new model of the Viper that would be more luxurious and less "radical".

Dream Car Series : 6 - Dodge  'Viper'

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