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2016 October - 'The secret of Hippolyte Magloire'.

October 2016BMW 528i

BMW 528i in 'The secret of Hippolyte Magloire'   Drawn on computer.

That old rascal Hippolyte him had played last turn, and Dr. Etienne still do not believe it. When driving on the road leading down to the farm, he pondered the incredible scene he had just experienced.The dying man who asked to remain alone with him in the room, it is with surprising force for an imminent deceased, he had nabbed, the doctor sitting at his bedside, by the collar, like when kids, they were fighting near the river. Then forcing him to listen, he poured in his ear all these terrible words that struck it on the doctor's face, first the astonishment and dismay and terror and finally horror ...
Suddenly the grip loosens and demon eyes rolling in the eyeholes of the dead froze. Exit Hippolyte... The doctor was there in his thoughts when a huge honking brought him back to reality ...

The inquiries of Ed Chandleur 29 - 'The secret of Hippolyte Magloire'

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