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2016 March - Edsel Ford's 1934 Model 40 Special Speedster

March 2016FORD EDSEL 1934

1934 EDSEL FORD'S Model 40 special Speedster  Drawn on computer.

The Speedster has a very long history going back to 1932 when Edsel Ford, then president of Ford Motor Company, returned from Europe and asked design director E.T. Gregorie to pen a sports car similar to the ones he saw running around Europe. It started out as a 1934 Ford, but was radically altered to make a low slung, two-seat sports car with technology that wouldn't appear on production Fords for many years. It originally weighed 2,100 pounds and was powered by a 75-bhp Model 40 flathead V8 that was later replaced by a 100-bhp Mercury V8.

Dream Car Series : 1 - "Edsel Ford's 1934"

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