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2015 May "The passenger of the rain."

May 2015Volvo P1800S

Volvo P1800S in "The passenger of the rain." Drawn on computer.

Through the incessant ballet of the wiper, I saw a woman dressed in black that made me great desperate signs.She was standing near his car whose hood was open on a smoking engine.

«A lost cat makes me cry
    Think if I had a heavy heart ...”

Thought of these lines of Brassens, stopping beside her.

She was really cute that girl all wet, outrageously molded in her little black dress soaked.

Effect of rain ,or where had they offered her this dress for her fourteen?

 I would ask her, but with authority she opened the door, and rushed into my car pointing on me an ugly little gun...


The inquiries of Ed Chandleur 23-'The passenger of the rain'

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