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2014 September "The thieves of 911"

2014 SeptemberPorsche 911

Porsche 911 in "The thieves of 911" Drawn on computer.

I felt sudden in the skin of an Ali Baba discovering the cave of 40 thieves... In this old ruined garage, all Porsches stolen these last weeks were there, stored the some next to other their gleaming chromium weakly in the twilight. But my ecstasy was short-lived. The garage got clearer abruptly and the rumbling of one flat6 unchained exploded in the stuffy atmosphere of the place. I did not manage to know which automobile had started but I was fast informed, lighthouses of one Carrera ignited and it tore extracted deftly from its location by turning the wheel in my direction. I ran like a rabbit, while other noises of engine burst in my back. It was going to be necessary to escape the pack...

The inquiries of Ed Chandleur 18-'The thieves of 911'

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