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2014 October "The Black Jack's treasure"

2014 OctoberSimca 1100 Spécial

Simca 1100 Spécial in "The Black Jack's treasure" Drawn on computer.

This night, in this deserted side street, I had spotted the hideout of "Black Jacques" looked for by a lot of people: the police, some aggressive and vindictive creditors, and his tearful wife by my intermediary, he lived in a pitiful room over a garage. That was close, because he was currently to withdraw, since a few moments I observed his little game which consisted in lugging big bags, apparently well filled, between his room and the trunk of his car. Having closed carefully the car, he had gone back up. I went out of my hideout to join him, I had to give to "Black Jack" the news of his ex-widow....

The inquiries of Ed Chandleur 19-'The Black Jack's treasure'

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