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2017 November - "The Wrong Horse'"

November 2017MERCEDES 220 SE

Mercedes 220 SE in "The Wrong Horse" Drawn on computer.

Uranus grazed peacefully among the dandelions on the side of the road. He carelessly deigned to leave his nostrils of the ground to briefly observe us before returning to his occupations, without caring in the least about our presence. He seemed unhurt and extremely calm for an animal that had just escaped a kidnapping. The same could not be said of his rider who had simply disappeared ...

The inquiries of Ed Chandleur 32 - 'The Wrong Horse'


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2017 September - Dream car serie : 6 - Dodge 'Viper'

September 2017DODGE 'Viper'

DODGE "Viper"   Drawn on computer.

The Dodge Viper was created at the initiative of Bob Lutz, when the Chrysler Group needs image and a vehicle like the one that will become the Viper can wear the mark. To bring a historical bond and legitimize the Viper, the group will appeal to Carroll Shelby.
On July 1, 2010, the last Dodge Viper to be produced at the Conner Avenue plant (known as the Snake Pit), after 19 years of history. Dodge, which now totally belongs to the Fiat group has planned a new model of the Viper that would be more luxurious and less "radical".

Dream Car Serie : 6 - Dodge  'Viper'

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2017 July - "Warm in front !'"

July 2017PEUGEOT 404

Peugeot 404 in "Warm in front !" Drawn on computer.

In the cramped cabin of the Lockheed, the weapon which he pointed at me seemed to me enormous. An insane grin deformed his face when it articulated: " Damn it ! You take off or I puts you a bullet! " I thus had the choice: make me stuff of lead or go to play leapfrog with the car of the cops which arrived towards us by zigzagging to prevent us from taking off...

The inquiries of Ed Chandleur 31 - 'Warm in front !'


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2017 March - Dream car serie : 5 - Mercedes 300SL 'Gullwing'

March 2017MERCEDES 300SL 'Gullwing'

MERCEDES 300SL "Gullwing"   Drawn on computer.

Unveiled at the New York show, the new weapon of Stuttgart is a sensation. Apart from its butterfly doors, this fascinating coupe acquires, in world premiere of the direct injection of gasoline. Its 3-liter 6-cylinder powered by a single overhead camshaft delivers 215 hp. Other originality of the model, the steering wheel tilted horizontally to make access on board less acrobatic.

Dream Car Serie : 5 - "MERCEDES 300SL  'Gullwing'

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2017 January - "Belated revenge"

January 2017FACEL VEGA FV2

Facel Vega FV2 in "Belated revenge" Drawn on computer.

The fire rumbled savagely while devouring the carcass of the vehicle which was consuming before his eyes. When the smell of the burning flesh reached his nostrils, the man made a half-turn in his wheelchair and quietly returned to his car without hurry, he settled behind the wheel, disassembled the wheels of the chair ,loaded it at his side and started smoothly by watching the brazier that dimmed in the rearview mirror...

The inquiries of Ed Chandleur 30 - 'Belated revenge'

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2016 December - Dream car serie : 4 - Alfa Romeo 8c Disco Volante

December 2016ALFA ROMEO 8C Disco Volante

ALFA ROMEO 8C "Disco Volante"   Drawn on computer.

In 1952, Carrozzeria Touring designed a flying saucer ("Disco Volante" in Italian) for Alfa Romeo. Sixty years later, the coachbuilder returned to Geneva with this beautiful concept car based on the Alfa Romeo 8C.

Dream Car Serie : 4 - "ALFA ROMEO 8C 'Disco Volante' "

2016 October - 'The secret of Hippolyte Magloire'.

October 2016BMW 528i

BMW 528i in 'The secret of Hippolyte Magloire'   Drawn on computer.

That old rascal Hippolyte him had played last turn, and Dr. Etienne still do not believe it. When driving on the road leading down to the farm, he pondered the incredible scene he had just experienced.The dying man who asked to remain alone with him in the room, it is with surprising force for an imminent deceased, he had nabbed, the doctor sitting at his bedside, by the collar, like when kids, they were fighting near the river. Then forcing him to listen, he poured in his ear all these terrible words that struck it on the doctor's face, first the astonishment and dismay and terror and finally horror ...
Suddenly the grip loosens and demon eyes rolling in the eyeholes of the dead froze. Exit Hippolyte... The doctor was there in his thoughts when a huge honking brought him back to reality ...

The inquiries of Ed Chandleur 29 - 'The secret of Hippolyte Magloire'

2016 September - Dream car serie : 3 - Jaguar Type E

September 2016JAGUAR TYPE E 1961

1961 JAGUAR TYPE E   Drawn on computer.

One of the most beautiful car in the history of the automobile, the prodigious engine propelling the car in 240 kph, for half of the price of Ferrari! It is under this form that appears Type E in 1961.

Dream Car Serie : 3 - "Jaguar Type E 1961"

2016 June - 'The wrecker'girl'.

June 2016LANCIA Montecarlo

LANCIA Montecarlo in 'The wrecker'girl'   Drawn on computer.

For him no salvation, doors and windows locked the car slowly descends to the depths, the pressure relentlessly expelling the air still trapped in the cockpit.

Then the long brown creeper waves and dance in front of him, waving his long legs ...


The inquiries of Ed Chandleur 28 - 'The wrecker'girl'

2016 April - Dream car serie : 2 - Lamborghini Miura


1966 LAMBORGHINI MIURA   Drawn on computer.


Here is one of the most beautiful bulls of Sant' Agata...
Lamborghini surprises Ferrari and the world of the sports car, by using for the first time on a GT of production the mid-engine architecture. The racing car, baptized Miura, immediately creates a sensation.

Dream Car Serie : 2 - "Lamborghini Miura 1966"